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Summer break…. not yet!

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Summer vacation is coming…. soon…

But not yet! We have finals left. It’s our last task before the wonderful break. I know it’s going to be painful… but we can do it.We’ll be able to play soon. All of us have some kind of plan or routine for the break, right? For me, I’m planning to sleep first like a hibernating animal, study for next year (I mean a lot… everyday.. probably), and play with my friends and family. My dad actually reserved a resort in Hawaii that our family can go and get some rest. My best friend’s family is coming along too. My best friend, Ashley and I were friends since we were 5 years old. Our mothers came from same high school and college. They’re best friends, thus we became best friends. Our dads are extremely close too. When they are drunk, they start hugging each other for some reason. Probably…. they’re lonely? haha Anyways with these wonderful plans, I’m going to try my best for the finals and get my summer vacation!

P.S) There are only few weeks left…. keep it up everyone!


I want a puppy

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I begged my mom (not my dad.. he likes dogs) for almost 10 years to buy a little, cute puppy. My mom hates animals for some reason. She just eats them. She says that having puppy is like having another kid in the house and that it’ll cost a lot of money. Also she says eventually she’ll have to do all the jobs for the puppy. I said that I can handle everything and she doesn’t have to even touch that puppy. I wanted a puppy so much that I was planning to just steal it from my friend’s house.

I don’t get my mom. How can she not like this adorable puppy? She’s not normal.

Anyways…. I’m planning to beg her for few more years until she says “yes”


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Miss them…

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This is a video of TVXQ(동방신기) 2nd Live Tour Concert 2007 “The Last Concert, Budokan” , in Japan. After they broke up because of the conflict between their entertainment company, they all started to work by themselves. Their huge fanclub “Cassiopeia” will miss them… Always…

“Always keep the faith” — by Cassiopeia

“TVXQ never dies” — by Cassiopeia

Out of many of their songs, I chose this Japanese song, “Proud” because this video is very meaningful. After they got a lot of awards in Korea, they had to fly to Japan and debut as a new Korean idol group. However, in Japan, nobody noticed who they were and they had to sing in some Japanese school’s assembly hall. While in Korea girls cry to meet them and run everywhere to see them, in Japan, they were treated as normal people who had no existence. You can see that one of the member, Mickey starts crying in the middle of the song. Mickey is the one who’s extremely emotional. He’s the one who cries the first. Always. Then Xiah, who is standing next to Mickey gets emotional with him and starts crying as well. I think the reason why they cried so much is that they went through so much things to be top again… in Japan. This concert is extremely important because many fans… Japanese fans… came to this huge concert of only TVXQ. This concert was probably something that they couldn’t even imagine when they were singing in some kind of old school’s assembly hall. They tried so hard so learn Japanese first, tried hard to let people know who they were, and tried hard to show their talents and get accepted. After I watched this video, as one of their fans, I cried so much. I was able to feel what they were going through and how they got to be the top singers again. Even though, they broke up… and TVXQ doesn’t exist anymore. I will always wait for them. Love you guys!


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Japan: Day 2

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The next day, we decided to go to DisneySea. Now, Disneyland and DisneySea are two different places with slightly different rides. I know… I was confused as well when I heard it. I’ve been to Disneyland so many times that I remember where everything was located. However, this was the first time going to DisneySea for me. Honestly, I expected it to be exactly same as  Disneyland; maybe more interesting rides for older teenagers. But the way they decorated? or made that place was just very impressing. I couldn’t take off my eyes. It was absolutely beautiful for taking pictures and enjoying and relaxing.

Pictures from:

I don’t really love to go on rides, but I actually prefer buying souvenirs and taking pictures everywhere. Tokyo DisneySea was the perfect place for me. My sister couldn’t understand that part; the part I said I don’t prefer rides. Well, she’s still young and she loves rides. She always asked me, “Why do you go to amusement parks then?” and my response was always the same, “Why do you care…?” (^_^)

Anyways, when we arrived at DisneySea, everything was perfect except the most important thing. The weather. It was literally painful. The wind didn’t stop hitting our faces and we had to cover ourselves as much as possible. I’m not saying we wore short sleeves and pants, but maybe the clothes we wore weren’t suitable for that day. However, we were still willing to play as much as we can. Eventually, we started to line up on any rides no matter how long they took. I bet the minimum waiting time for every rides was at least 2 hours. Anways, we still had to play. We couldn’t waste any time for our beautiful trip to Tokyo.

Few hours past, and my parents were looking like they were about to die. I knew their age, but I didn’t expect to be that bad. My dad argued that he couldn’t move an inch; so did my mom. My sister, the youngest one, kept on persuading dad, but it didn’t work. I felt that they were exhausted constantly walking around almost the whole day. I understood. Thus, we decided to go back to the hotel room at that point and at the last minute my mom and I started to dig for good souvenirs. Something that was interesting and gorgeous. At last, we found a huge candy-bag with a Mickey inside and 2 mirrors with those adorable leopard patterns. I loved them. I was satisfied.

We rode the Disneyland bus to go back to our hotel. On the way, we were all deeply asleep. We all wouldn’t notice if somebody kidnapped us. Anyways, I thought it was an awesome day and had a lot of fun. I would never forget Tokyo Disneyland.

I love Tokyo,

Miss him…

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Today was a special day….

My whole family gathered up at my grandmother’s house because it’s been about a year since my grandfather died. I miss him so much. I’m sure my dad does more. I was very close with my grandfather and I was actually the one who was with grandfather right before he couldn’t wake up again.

It was just few seconds I didn’t look at him and he was lying on the ground. I was there to give him something, but I didn’t realize what was going to happen few minutes later. My grandfather had been sick for awhile, but he was able to walk anytime. However, when he said he was going to get something for me, I heard a big noise and he was lying on the ground.

Whenever I think about him, I feel guilty why I didn’t stay with him at that moment. Even if I didn’t do anything and couldn’t have done anything, I just feel guilty.

Anyways…. I miss him so much…

Repulse Bay_Hong Kong

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From Hong Kong Central, get on a bus (number 260 or 6) and you will find yourself in Hong Kong Repulse Bay. Repulse Bay is where you can feel the relaxing side of Hong Kong. Last blog post, I talked about a city full of people and shopping malls, but now, it’s time for us to enjoy and relax. Repulse Bay is very quiet and secluded place. Some people say all of the sand came from Australia since Causeway Bay can’t form sandy beaches.

Repulse Bay has a lot of wealthy people living by the beach and their houses are absolutely gorgeous. This place definitely gives an impression of “vacation spot” to a lot of tourists. Lots of people enjoy their vacation in Repulse Bay when the weather is great. However, when you are looking for more activities in the water like surfing, I don’t recommend Repulse Bay since there are almost no waves in the ocean. Lots of newly married couples visit Repulse Bay since it has a romantic atmosphere everywhere along the beach. I think Repulse Bay is a great place for a short, sweet vacation in Hongkong.



Hongkong Causeway Bay

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If you are looking for a great place to shop, Hongkong Causeway Bay is the ideal place for you. It started off as one of the Hongkong islands and eventually became a busy street with many shopping malls. Causeway Bay is always full of people walking around the streets so yes, it is very crowded. Then why are these people all gathered around in Causeway Bay? I heard that there are so many people that you can’t even count.

I thought that most of the shops‘ in Causeway Bay are for people who are 20 – 30 years old. The clothes were all trendy and attractive. There are many small shops in Causeway Bay but there are large shopping malls like the Sogo department store and Time Square. Some say that Hongkong’s Causeway Bay is like South Korea’s Myungdong. Causeway Bay is not only full of clothes but also food. Famous restaurants are located in between the streets and shoppings malls. I personally thought that Causeway Bay was absolutely convenient since I can shop and eat at the same time.

P.S )  There are trems, subway, taxi, buses all over the place for you to move around.